Modern acoustic panels to improve acoustics

Effective, ecological, durable, easy to maintain, colorfast, non-flammable

Reduce the noise

Get rid of the echo! Acoustic well-being increases the comfort of the environment. It is proven that high-quality acoustics significantly improve the intelligibility and perception of speech, improve concentration. Echo reduction also contributes to a more perfect perception of music. The contours of the tools stand out and their separation becomes clearer.

We will advise how to do it

Often even simple solutions are of great benefit in environments with poor acoustics. Offices, classrooms, restaurants, meeting rooms often suffer from unpleasant reverberation and echo. The auditory perception of speech is then unintelligible and long-term listening is tiring. We have a simple solution.

Improve acoustics by yourself

Do you need to minimize costs?

Get inspired with useful advice and tips.

Hanging or gluing the Silentmax® acoustic panel is very easy, and the panel can also be easily adapted to your layout.

Looking for a solution? We offer you a non-binding professional consultation.

Acoustic blog

Interiors, gyms, restaurants, schools and more

Silentmax3D acoustic panels

Modern design, very high absorption of acoustic energy, airiness, durability and ecology are the attributes of Silentmax3D acoustic panels. Are you looking for a way to reduce echo and noise in the interior in a modern way? We have a solution.

Acoustic pictures

Silentmax acoustic paintings are characterized by high acoustic absorption, effectively reducing echo and noise in the room. Available sizes: 244×122 cm, 122×122 cm, 122×61 cm 61×61 cm